Christmas 2019

29 Nov - 24 Dec

The North Star "Narnia" Experience

The North Star of Narnia is called Spear-Head and is brighter than our Pole Star. Our Christmas experience for 2019 will be full of the magic of Narnia. Under the reign of Jadis the White Witch, it was always winter but never Christmas. Well, that’s not the case at Pink Pig Farm, where Santa will be guaranteed to make an appearance.

We have a few different options to choose from this year. Select THE NORTH STAR NARNIA EXPERIENCE for the full experience, including Build-A-Cuddle and snowball fights, or THE NARNIA SANTA EXPERIENCE to meet Santa and decorate gingerbread! 

We also have options for our younger visitors, evening events and for those who aren't as comfortable with loud noises and large groups. 

All options include PLAY ALL DAY!

Come and join us in "Narnia" this Christmas!



North Star "Narnia" Experience             

North Star "Narnia" Experience (Christmas Week)        



Toddler Santa


Twilight Santa Experience   


The Shhh Santa Experience