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Food from the Farm

Food from the farm has always been a passion of ours, we beleive you can really taste the difference, in local and homemade. We raise our own pigs, sheep and chickens. Our animals are raised to the highest organic welfare standards and are very, very free range. We feed them no routine antibiotics and have no need to trim beaks/cut teeth or tails as our animals lead a stress free life in as near to natural conditions as possible.

Our free range pigs rootle about in the grass hoping to find the delicious morsels they know are there... our sheep graze the grass fields around the site and our chickens delight in roaming the paddocks to find worms. We raise our own very free range pork, lamb and chickens for eggs. Andrew swears you need sunglasses to crack our eggs - the yolks are so yellow. We make all our own sausages, cure our own bacon, we make, bake and cook some delicious items here in our farm house kitchen.

piglet, pigs, free range, high welfare

Our pigs are raised entirely free range. They rootle in the ground and live in sociable herds. We believe in extermely high welfare standards for all our animals.

chicken, eggs, free range

We have two flocks of about 300 chickens who lay approximately one egg a day each. Our eggs go through our farm shop (we guarantee they are the best shop bought egg you will ever eat), we make them into scotch eggs and gala pies and serve them in our tea room and oink cafe. They are truly amazing!

Lamb, sheep

We only sell lamb from our farm - once it's gone, it's gone! Arlene makes amazing koftas in the summer and our lamb and mint pies are delicious.