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Bret, our head butcher, takes our own pigs and lambs and creates the most amazing joints, sausages and ready to cook meals. We buy local quality beef and chickens. Bret hangs his steaks for up to 60 days and there’s always a waiting list. Bret creates value for money Barbeque packs in summer and hampers at Christmas, speaking of which...

Amazingly tender steaks, stuffed and marinaded chicken breasts, rolled free range loin of pork with scoring for perfect crackling and lamb from our own farm - all prepared by Bret and our butchery team. Easy-peasy meals are our speciality - many ready to cook meals come in foil dishes ready to pop in the oven...choose from teriyaki stir fry, greek giros or lemon and coriander chicken.

butcher, free range, grass fed, lincolnhshire beef, local chicken

Bret & his team can cut any joint to your exact specification....rolled? no problem, scored? certainly....Bret sources the lambs and pigs from our farm and from Anna's Trotters, local chickens and Lincolnshire Beef. We know where all our meat comes from.

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chilli chicken

Bret creates the most amazing ready to eat dishes - this is a local chicken breast stuffed with 'devil's sausage' (homemade of course), topped with a chilli glaze and a real chilli pepper - not for the faint hearted!!

lemon & coriander chicken, chicken breasts, ready to cook