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Our Story

The Pink Pig Farm has been in the Jackson family for over 90 years. It is still a real working farm. The Pink Pig Farm diversification now welcomes more than 80,000 people a year.

Almost 17 years ago, Sally and Andrew Jackson decided to open a small farm shop and 24-seater cafe (as the trestle table at the end of the drive was getting too cold a location!). The shop and restaurant were trebled in size in 2005 as demand increased. A small farm trail with some outdoor play was added soon after. A brand new indoor playbarn was built in February 2014 and the toyshop was opened in 2016, together with a complete revamp of the entrance ways.

As for 2019/20, we continue to work really hard building lovely bespoke imaginative play areas like Piggy Tail Lane, and our new additions – HUGE jumping pillows and ride-on tractor area with repair workshop, filling station, tunnel and bridge. The Pink Pig Farm is still serving up delicious, authentic food from the farm and offering lots of family fun even after all these years.

Watch this space for more exciting developments in 2020....

trestle table, starting out

Can you spot Carrie under the table? This was our first 'farm shop' at the end of the drive!

farm shop, chicken shed

This is our first shop (before the work!). A converted chicken shed housed our farm shop and 24 seater cafe in 2001.

farm shop, first

Our completed (tiny) cafe! It was lovely and cosy though.

2005, farm shop, build

This was the build of our farm shop and restaurant - a mega build for a very inexperienced couple!

  • Our Story

    We received a Highly Commended Award in the Select Lincolnshire Awards 2017, and also won a Rural Diversification National Award 2016 - hooray!