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Lambing at the farm

Lambing is always a busy time at the farm and 2018 is no different!

Lambing has well and truly started at the farm, with lambs being born daily! We've even had triplets! Which is amazing, but even more difficult for our farmers as Ewes (their mum) only have 2 teats so the lambs need to share the milk and many times one lamb gets left out meaning we have to intervene and bottle feed one lamb. After an unstable start we're pleased to say that our triplets are sharing nicely and we haven't needed to intervene.


The recent storm, how has it affected our Lambs? We have an undercover lambing barn with ample straw for our lambs to keep them nice and warm. However, with the recent #beastfromtheeast storm which has hit the country, many of our lambs have been cold and become weak, this can happen at any time in the first few weeks of a lamb being born. However, Sally & Andrew to the rescue, we had to bring some of the cold lambs into the farm house, wrap them in a beach towel and give them some warm milk. Once they get a bit more strength and temperatures increase they can go back with their mums. One particular lamb has been following Andrew around his kitchen as he's now seen as the Lambs mum, which means he gets to do poo picking duty too - Sally says it's payback for avoiding nappy duty when the children were babies.

Don't worry though, all our lambs are doing great and our farmers are here for any difficulties our lambs and Ewes may face. You can visit our lambing barn on your next visit to us, just ask any member of staff who will be happy to show you the way.

Facebook live - We really take our duty of educating people and showing our customers behind the scenes of our real working farm, seriously. So throughout lambing we are posting lots of facebook lives and you may even see a live birth! Just search Pinkpigfarm on facebook to find our page. 


We've had triplets just born (5pm) and there's one which is quite weak and cold. We've brought them into the farmhouse for some warm milk and to warm them up in general. The lamb has picked up since it's warm milk and we're hoping to put back with mum first thing in the morning all being well! - it's going to be a fun night for farmer Andrew tonight - he's on bottle feeding duty!


We've been a little quiet due to easter! But we thought we'd check in to give you one final update, we've had over 50 lambs during lambing at the farm and almost all were healthy and happy, as you read the bad weather has not helped things as little lambs really don't fair well when they're cold. However that being said we've been able to put them all out into the field from the lambing barn and they're all loving it, you can see most of them now on the farm trail, cuteness overload!

Happy Lambs
Lambs warming up in the farm house.